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Weighing Your Options

As a business owner, legal or medical professional you are required to store your documents for a predetermined amount of time. Whether it's five years, seven years or fluctuates with the age of your clients, document storage is something you must plan for. Many business choose to have these files scanned and stored in a cloud for easy access. Is this the right choice for your business?


When determining the best storage method for your business you must ask yourself.....


                            -What is the legal storage requirement for my documents?


                            -How often do I plan to access these files?


You may think that your saving time and money by selecting a cloud storage method but is this really the case? The truth is, many professionals will never access these files again. If you do not plan to access these files regularly, why spend thousands of dollars on Scanning and Cloud Storage?


The Business Records Center can store your files for up to 20 years for LESS than the cost of cloud storage. If you are retired or have recently sold your business, this option will save you money while you remain compliant with industry standards for document storage.


If you have any questions about our services, call our office at 503.284.4323. Our Account Representatives will be happy to help you.

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